Need help knowing where I stand.

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Need help knowing where I stand.

Post by HelmHoltz » Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:26 am

I'm having trouble finding out where I will fit in the physics grad school hierarchy. I am unsure what my specific interest are, leaning towards CM or Astro. I'm looking for a school with a large program, and obviously the more academically prestigious the school the better. I've talked to my advisor and he seemed to think I should apply to AT LEAST 10 schools. I've listed my stats below and I hope this helps you figure out where I fit in.

Undergrad Institution: Big State school, Top 10
Major(s): Physics
Minor(s): Math
GPA in Major: 3.97 (400-level physics and math [37 credits])
(Lower division courses included 3.76 [66 credits])
Overall GPA: 3.73 [94 credits]
Length of Degree: 4
Type of Student: domestic, white male

GRE Scores:
P: 910 (87%)

Research Experience: Less than a years work in a computational physics group. Given two poster session, working on a project that will lead to a paper (possibly get it submitted before I apply). Will give two talks and writing a senior thesis. Professor seems extremely pleased with work, often sayings I am working at a graduate level.

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Teaching assistant for engineering level physics for 3 semesters. Won teaching awards.

Special Bonus Points: Applied for the NSF GRFP, high unlikely. Taking graduate level QM and GR.

My list so far?
U Chicago
Santa Barbara
U Maryland - College park

I know its currently a lot of reach schools, maybe too many, but I am probably shooting to applying to 15. I know some of you probably will say that is overkill, but I'm fairly lost. Thanks for any help you can offer, and any input you can give me about how I will fair.

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Re: Need help knowing where I stand.

Post by stengah » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:51 am

Well if you are going to apply to 15 total, I would just add 4 more safer schools. If you are leaning towards doing CM or astro, I would add Rutgers in there as they are strong in both. And what about Wisconsin?

It would be better if you did more research, but if that letter will be very strong it might not matter that much. I think your GPA and PGRE will be competitive almost anywhere.

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