Advice on study material

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Advice on study material

Post by bloupo » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:50 pm

Hello everyone,

I am a mechanical engineer who decided to turn into physic and I have been preparing for the PGRE for the past 3 month going through every single sentences and exercises of Halliday extended version, I have 4 chapter left and will be done with it on the 1st of october leaving me 18 days before the PGRE to review all the material and maybe study some more material.

By checking the past PGRE exams l can say that the materials not covered in the book are
-Differential maxwell (there is only integral maxwell) and there are sometime a few question regarding gradient and stuff,which I don't know the math for.
-Lagrangian and Hamiltonian (no idea of what that is) , there a always 2-3 questions regarding these and I ve read that the question regarding L&H in PGRE is often basic.
-quantum harmonic oscillator ( not a word about these in Halliday but have the feeling that I am not far from it when I m reading through finite well potential and stuff in the book)
-Statistical mechanic (except from the definition with omega there is not much in the book)

Which one of the subjects would you advise me to have a look at during my "free" 18 days which would "perhaps" give me a few extra points on the exam ??
and maybe do you have a source on the web for me to learn the basic of it ??

Thank you very much


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Re: Advice on study material

Post by bfollinprm » Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:34 pm

Definitely lagrangian/hamiltonian. That shizzle's easy pizzle.

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