Physics GRE for an Electrical Engineer

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Physics GRE for an Electrical Engineer

Post by Phaedo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:45 am

Physics is like oxygen to me. But due to some unavoidable circumstance I was not able to get in a science college for undergrad Physics. But now I am in III sem (second year) Electrical(electronics & power) engineering with a cgpa of 8.6. I have not yet quit on becoming a Physicist. I was advised to go for Physics GRE for MS in Physics. And then Ph.D.

I have a fair enough base of Physics and I am really comfortable with calculus. I showed distinctive performance in national level Physics Olympiad.

Here's what I used to study physics from: Renick/Halliday for basics, Paul A. Tipler for a level advanced, I.E Irodov for some serious Physics and problems, Feynman's Lectures for getting edge over others and finally my favorite Khan Academy.

This helped me a lot in Physics but now question is, I am studying electrical engineering and have lost contact with pure physics since a year. I dont have any physics subject in curriculum. I will have to do it in parallel. Plus amazon is useless. So, I can only rely on web like for e-books, videos and open-course-ware.

Can anyone please help me regarding Physics GRE and online study material ?

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Re: Physics GRE for an Electrical Engineer

Post by quizivex » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:11 am

One suggestion would be to browse the forum that you just posted to.Physics GRE Forum
In particular the Registration and Test Preparation section
Especially the very detailed suggestion guide written by grae313 that shows up right near the top. Sticky: Books and Other Preparation Materials

The forum is also equipped with a search feature that can help you find past discussions of the same questions you have.
Phaedo wrote:I am studying electrical engineering and have lost contact with pure physics since a year.
And in case you think this is an unusually difficult or unique situation, Twistor has something to say to you.
Please stop posting your BS questions on changing fields There have been at least 5 similar threads posted the last few weeks about people wanting to change fields.

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