All about SkateAdvisors - Skateboarding Blog

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All about SkateAdvisors - Skateboarding Blog

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Skateadvisors acts as a Skateboarding Blog covering all skateboarding-related topics, from Accessories, Review, Skateboard Purpose & Buying Guide to General tutorials and tips.

Readers can have a better understanding of skateboarding, in general, how to buy the best skateboard items, and tips on skateboarding by learning the articles divided into different categories.


Skateadvisors’ Founder

On 16th August 2018, Robert Parker was the one who put Skateadvisors into existence and also the writer of all Skateadvisors’ blogs at the time.

Robert Parker is a severe geek in skateboarding and has devoted endless hours to researching skateboarding.

The longer he indulges in this sport, the greater his passion and love for it.

As time went by, Robert Parker has accumulated a treasure of experience in skateboarding, which motivated him to establish Skateadvisors.
On this platform, he can help other skateboard newbies and hobbyists like you get used to the sport, play it safe, and improve performances with quality products by bringing years of experience to the table.

SkateAdvisors' Mission and Vision

We love to call skateboarding a game for winners, and you can also become a winner as long as you come and listen to us sharing all the fantastic secrets.

The surefire thing is that we are the same falling hopelessly in love with skateboarding; that’s why you came here!
Our passion for this sport and its thrills & techniques began a couple of years ago.

To excel in driving a skateboard and benefiting the most from it, you need dedication and passion.

At the moment you become a skilled skateboarder as you always dream of, you’ve won the game.

Skateadvisors will be a friend supporting you during the process of making your dream come true!

We are glad to provide you with everything you need to know, from different reliable skateboarding brands to invest your money to helpful advice & tips for beginners and expert hacks to learn.

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We believe that everyone can master the sport and even turn this hobby into a profession to earn money, provided they are passionate and cultured enough. And we are determined to cluing you in the right direction to reach your goals!

Whether you are searching for a skateboarding product for beginners, kids, tricks, or cruising, we will help you buy the most value-for-money items.
The same goes for tricks and hacks to show off in front of your friends - Skateadvisors offers easy-to-follow tutorials!

Plus, our articles also cover longboarding-related topics, including longboard buying tips articles, the ultimate longboard guide, and expert longboard tips.

You can collect all those pieces of information simply by following our newest blogs updated here.

We promise to try our best to make everything explanatory and detailed so that you can leave without any questions or confusion after reading our posts.

The team at will be a trustworthy companion going with you from the first step of your exciting skateboarding journey.

Skateadvisors' Achievements

Skateadvisors has been working hard for a while and witnessed organic traffic of 30,000 plus visits a month with tons of keywords on the Google search top.

We always strive to update helpful articles around skateboarding and improve their quality, providing readers with plenty of crucial knowledge and advice.

This platform is a fun, dynamic place where passionate skateboarders can come to collect useful knowledge and gauge clever strategies to master this thrilling hobby!

--->>> Related: SkateAdvisors on Linkedin

Come here every day, and your time and energy investment in reading our in-depth guides and articles will pay off soon.

If there is a question you need to answer that has not appeared in any article on our platform, please feel free to send us messages and inform us of it.

We appreciate all the constructive comments and open conversations, which help create the largest online community of skateboard lovers.

Before introducing new products to the readers, we will select the best options based on our objective judgment and broad experience, so please trust us and leave the most challenging part for our team!

You can find the contact form on our website. Simply fill in the form, and you will not have to wait long to receive our response.

Once you join the community, nothing is impossible.

Just keep what you learn on this platform in mind, grab a cool, beautiful skateboard, and rock with it.
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Re: Physics theory or maths?

Post by geekusprimus » Fri Dec 24, 2021 1:05 pm

Theoretical physics is to math what engineering is to physics: they occasionally overlap, perhaps even contributing to the other a bit, but the methods, goals, and fundamental purpose are completely different. If you want to do physics, do physics. If you want to do math, do math. But the idea that theoretical physics is "just math" is false. The line between mathematical physics and theoretical physics can be blurry, but it is there. For example, supposing that nature is embedded in a quantum field theory respecting a particular gauge symmetry and working out all the necessary terms in the Lagrangian to maintain that symmetry (and thus all the particles implied by such a symmetry) is theoretical physics. You're not really breaking new ground in math, you're making physical predictions about nature cloaked in math. On the other hand, something like the Yang-Mills existence and math gap problem, despite its implications for physics, is most definitely a problem best handled by mathematicians.

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Re: Physics theory or maths?

Post by fedeambro » Sat Dec 25, 2021 6:13 am

In order to pursue a career in contemporary theoretical physics a working knowledge of graduate-level math is crucial. If you are interested in Gauge/String Theory, you should master Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Group Theory, and Differential Geometry.
Studying physics gives you a better "physical intuition" but you should consider pursuing a mixed path in which, on top of physics classes, you also take pure math courses.

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