School Selection

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School Selection

Post by Atulit1992 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:41 am

Guys I need to select four universities to which I can send my scores.

So, here is little brief info on my profile.

I am working with my professor for the last 9 months on a research topic which I guess can end up in a publication.

Also, I have done Bachelor in Physics(3 years) and Master in Physics(2 years) with an okay GPA(3.0-3.5), I guess.

Also, I took Physics GRE last year and got around 830, taking it again this year to stretch my scores a bit since I am an international applicant

So I have selected these 4 universities:-

University of Kansas

University of Iowa

Arizona State University

UC Riverside

Do u think the school that I have selected are pertinent enough considering my profile ??

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