Source of LORs

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Source of LORs

Post by toestie » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:12 pm

So I've been working with one professor for about two years in a condensed matter lab. As I think about getting LOR writers for next year, I'm in a bit of trouble since I've only really done research with one professor in the physics department.
Other potential LOR writers:
1) two supervising professors for my philosophy senior thesis on ethics in science
2) two supervising professors for history of science classes that I TA'd for
3) graduate students in my lab
4) professors who I didn't really interact with but got A's in their physics classes

I was wondering, would any of these be good options for LORs? Or should I really try to get more research done under another professor?

Thanks for reading this!

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Re: Source of LORs

Post by Ptolemy » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:50 pm

From my experience it is important to find a recommender who is easy going and really willing to write a good letter. For example, I went to a professor who didn't know me very well (I had just attended one of his courses) but he really helped me as much as he could and even asked me to send my thesis so that he can write more about me and my work. You could perhaps talk with other students who have been in a similar situation and ask them their opinion about their recommenders.

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