Physics GRE Practice Problems

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Physics GRE Practice Problems

Post by problems » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:52 pm

Solving lots of problems that are similar to Physics GRE questions is perhaps the best way to prepare for the Physics GRE. Below are links and references to many multiple-choice physics problems available for you to work through. Be sure to read our Physics GRE preparation advice to get an opinion on how to effectively utilize these sample problems in your preparation efforts.
  • ETS Physics GRE Publications - Arguably the best source of sample physics GRE problems. They offer a nice collection of practice problems to work through.
  • GRE Physics by REA - Commonly known as the "purple book", it was written to help students prepare for the Physics GRE. If used properly, this book it can be an pretty good resource. However, I must caution you because I have actually witnessed a burning of this book during my post Physics GRE exam celebration. Hopefully, the advice we provide on how to use this book will save your own copy of this book from a similar fate.
  • ETS Subject Tests from Related Disciplines - The first two years of most Engineering, Mathematics, and Chemistry programs are very similar to Physics. See how to capitalize on ETS publications of GRE subject tests in these related disciplines.
  • Community Physics Problems (Only found on - A small collection of Physics GRE style problems intended to help students prepare for the Physics GRE (15 problems total). The problems were submitted by visitors to this site while the CPP experiment was active.
  • Advanced High School Multiple Choice Problems - Don't laugh too hard because there are loads of quality multiple-choice physics problems just waiting to try and expose any weakness you have with the basics. These problems provide an efficient review of the fundamentals and are also a great way to work on your problem solving speed, accuracy and endurance.
  • Other Multiple Choice Physics Problems - As I find more multiple-choice physics problems that cover material on the Physics GRE and are at similar level of difficulty, then I will reference them in this section. If you know of or find any more resources then please suggest them in the Physics GRE forums.
Also, as I am sure many of you are aware, your physics textbooks, class notes, assignments and exams also provide excellent practice problems. However, since there is no real shortage of "non multiple-choice" physics problems covering Physics GRE material, I leave the task of finding those types of problems to you.

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