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2014 Profile Discussions

Post by kathiravangg » Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:11 am

Hello everyone,

Can you please evaluate my profile and provide inputs on my choice of schools and also any suggestions about other schools that might be apt for my profile.
Your help is much appreciated :)
Type: International Male - India
PGRE(October 2013): 820 - 75%tile
GRE Q: 164
GRE V: 158
Undergrad: Electrical Engineering - 77% - an ordinary college in India - graduated in 2011
Relevant experience: I am working in an Information Technology company for the past 2 years since graduation. Job is not relevant to EE or Physics.
I did a summer reading / studying course at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (http://www.imsc.res.in) in Statistical Mechanics in 2010 during my third year of Engineering.
Other Info: very much interested in Physics and open to any research area; no preference as of now. Also I might lack some core courses. PLease suggest how this can be made up for.
Applying To:
2. U Cincinnati
3. U Tennessee, Knoxville
4. U Wisconsin Milwaukee
5. Louisiana State Univ
6. Colorado State Univ
7. U Kansas
Please suggest any other school that might suit my profile.

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