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Profile Evaluation

Post by YangMills » Thu Nov 24, 2022 1:59 pm

Institution: BSc + MSc at Public University in Germany. Excellent reputation for hep-ph/ex, cm ex/th
Major(s): Physics, theoretical particle physics, theoretical condensed matter physics
Minor(s): just your usual maths for physicists and some pure maths courses
GPA in Major: BSc 3.73, MSc 4.0
Length of Degree: 3 years BSc, 2 years MSc
Position in Class: 93rd percentile in BSc, 70th percentile in MSc (only interested & motivated people remained I suppose)
Type of Student: European male


TOEFL: 110/120

Research Experience:
a) 3 publications during my Bachelor's thesis, 2 as the first author. Poster presentation at int. conference in France. Though the research was not in my desired field. But it should be better than not having it, right?
b) Master thesis in hep-ph
c) 5-month research internship at a Government lab, also not about theory, but numerics & simulation of fusion plasmas

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 'with distinction' in BSc and MSc, 'Deutschlandstipendium' for academic merit (a stipend of ~7200$ in total)

Pertinent Activities or Jobs:
a) before starting uni, I served 7 months in the German Military (not sure at all whether schools in the US care about that)
b) 1/2 year as TA in maths for CS (actually disliked teaching a lot, so I never did that again)
c) student association "Engineers Without Borders" (a bunch of engineers saving the world by realising social projects around the globe, super fun)
d) I will start a Consultant job in cyber security at KPMG in January to bridge the gap until Fall 2023 (also not sure whether to put that on my CV)

1) MSc thesis advisor that was faculty at U of Hawaii and Johns Hopkins. Should be good to strong
2) BSc thesis advisor, co-author of 3 papers. Should be very strong, but he's not in the desired field.
3) Research internship advisor. Strong, but he's not in the desired field

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:
a) exchange semester during my BSc at SNU in Seoul, South Korea
b) 2 exchange semesters during my MSc at Trinity College Dublin, taking additional credit courses in pure maths, GR & QFT

Planning to apply to:
(that's still too many to ask my referees to send their letters)

Super Reach (I want to reduce that to maybe 4)
Cambridge (UK)
U Chicago
USC Dornsife

Reach (or super reach)
UC Santa Barbara
U Michigan Ann Arbor
U Maryland College Park
U Wisconsin Madison
Johns Hopkins

Carnegie Mellon University
U Illinois
U Texas Austin
Stony Brook

I am definitely not a prodigy, but I'd say I'm quite successful in what I do and have the grades to show for it.
So far, I'd consider my personal statement passable at best. Literature or creative writing was not on my syllabus :/

I did a thesis in hep-ph, so I am generally interested in theory and high-energy physics. Not sure whether that means I want to stick to phenomenology, but I just like to work theoretically. I'd also be keen to learn more about topics like strong gravity, quantum gravity, and theoretical cosmology.

Any suggestions concerning realistic schools and general guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

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Re: Profile Evaluation

Post by lasereyeremoval » Mon Nov 28, 2022 1:28 pm

Are you considering University of Hawaii? Just because you mentioned that your mentor was faculty there. Of course, don't apply if you're not interested.

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