my cat

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my cat

Post by braindrain » Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:34 am

Since its late at night, this is not a serious blog, but I think my cat might know more physics than me. I mean to balance on the edge of the back of a chair and effectively walk a tightrope like that she has to at least know classical mechanics. But, then she can become really long or compressed to be really short, so she has to know some of the physics behind material science. When she takes a bath, its fluid dynamics. She helps me study physics at least by walking me to my study spot so she can sleep on my feet - you guessed it, thermal physics. And if I get stuck on a problem I can scratch her head instead of my own. I don't think she likes Schrodinger very much though - doesn't care for him one bit. My cat is strictly a theoretical cat anyway. And one more thing - she does always land on her feet .... and so will we. Goodnight!

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Post by Grant » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:55 pm

Hi braindrain, I enjoyed your post about your imaginary cat. However I moved your blog about your cat to the physics lounge until I get the blog system rolling in a direction that will benefit future visitors to who may be seeking advice that can help them along in the process of taking the Physics GRE, applying to graduate school, deciding on the school to go to, getting adjusted to graduate school, research, getting the most our of graduate school, etc.

braindrain and others, I would really like for you to keep a blog of your experiences so that future generations of visitors can benefit from your entries and posts. Perhaps you can blog about when you hear back from schools and the process you used to decide upon schools and what your thoughts are about graduate school. I think future visitors to this forum can benefit from reading stuff that may seem boring to you. Simple entries like “Today at an orientation the graduate advisor told us all to fill out the FAFSA by such and such so we could qualify for subsidized government loans” can be incredibly informative to readers especially in the context of a time sequence thread maintained by one individual. I hope you will consider writing a blog.

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