Scientific proof that God exists

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Scientific proof that God exists

Post by tickets » Wed May 28, 2008 5:02 pm

Hello. I spent the last year of my life testing the Gran Turismo/Polyphony Digital physics engine. The game in which the testing began was Gran Turismo HD. This was the first online version of Gran Turismo and was used as a test game so they could improve their physics engine using players, input and intellectual property. I was the highest ranked player at this game because I have a lot of practical ability with physics, and the steering wheel, which is used for these games. From the beginning I was creating circumstances their physics engine couldn’t account for and my reactions were too fast for their code to keep up with. They realised this and that’s how this testing process began.
They were making, what I thought were minor changes for 6 months, but having done some research and asked around, I now know these minor changes were major breakthroughs for binary code. Basically, if you can write code that can hold under my input, it will hold for anything. All this testing was done during normal driving but when I started using their drift physics engine that’s when they gave me a job and they began building the physics engine around me.
They tried about 4 different models at the start. Each one failed except the last one, and this is the model that was used for the rest of this stage of testing. The majority of the work I did over the next month was trying to get rid of the stupid laws they were using to determine how the car should act and react while drifting. Yamauchi liked the idea that his laws were controlling the car because in his own little world he was God. Eventually after this month, the laws of physics were finally controlling how the car would behave at all times because I made a joke of every attempt they made to fake the laws of physics. A lot of face was lost during this time because Yamauchi didn’t like the fact that his laws were no longer in the game but in the end the car was behaving more realistically.
After the general range of motion of the car was figured out and working with the laws of physics, the next area I exposed that needed to be worked on, was the inertia of the tyres and in particular the contact areas, where the tyre meets the track. They developed 1 dimensional squares of code that represented the contact areas and the grip lost while drifting. These squares were another major breakthrough and behaved like living breathing code that could monitor the grip while the car was drifting.
Over the next 3 months I did more physical work than anyone ever has, physically grinding the front tyres into the track while the car was drifting, at every possible time and at every possible angle. This was done because as tyres only have a certain amount of surface area, it is possible through testing, to catalogue and record the movement of every part of the contact area, at every possible time, inertia included. After all this work was done, and there was a lot of it, the information I had produced, completely filled the 1 dimensional squares of code I mentioned earlier. Each square was now completely filled with inertia information.
So now these squares were a new type of code. They didn’t know what to do with these squares to begin with, but eventually they made them control the speed the whole simulation was running at. So I had to fight for control of the car by putting information into the wheel at a speed that was faster than the speed these squares were travelling at. At the start it was easy, it was like swatting flies along the racing line while drifting. They ran the code at the fastest speed they could and I went faster, but only for 3 or 4 seconds at time, so it was pretty easy in the beginning. I just had to make enough decisions over a short time to beat it. This went on for a week until I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with the speed. I thought I had reached my limit but I gave it one last serious effort and I managed to beat it. When this happened I couldn’t help noticing that my arm was becoming light. Then all the matter around me turned into light and then space. For a short time all I could see was light and it was powerful.
What had happened was, over the course of the week, I had built up to just below the speed of light. I didn’t know this I just knew it was fast. So for a short time, and in order to beat it, I thought and acted at the speed of light and because of this, I saw the light. For the next week after it happened I felt jumbled up and I have never felt so tired. I couldn’t do anymore testing and I was finding it very difficult to understand and believe what I saw. The speed of light is around 300,000 metres per second. I managed to bring the code to this speed by making decisions that made it work at this special speed. It was the very last decision I made with my left hand that kept the speed increasing and clinched it. It sounds more impossible than it was.
So now that the code was travelling at the speed of light, these 1 dimensional squares of code became 3 dimensional cubes and were attached to each other in a progressively coiled length of code, like a tube. Over the next few months during the testing, I began finding weak points in this new code. I managed to break it and test it repeatedly and every time I did, it showed them how to make it stronger until eventually they made it so strong that I couldn’t break it anymore. So it was now a solid beam with no spaces. As I couldn’t find any more weak points, I suggested to them that they assume there is only light, because as I mentioned earlier, that is what I saw when I reached the speed of light. I figured it was worth a try. This worked and they managed to create an environment that was made completely out of light because the code was now strong enough to do it.
When this worked it proved what I had seen. As you can imagine, powerful, infinite light isn’t something you see every day. I really couldn’t believe it for a long time, like you are having trouble believing it right now. But the fact that it worked proved it. I saw the light and then I proved it.
Before I continue to explain the next step I made with the code, I must explain another discovery that was found. During this whole time there were various tests that were intended to figure out how the car was going to drive exactly as it would in real life. So one test that was carried out, was the test that found the points of inertia. They couldn’t find where these points were by making calculations. I had to do it practically. They set up a test where the weight of the car was being sent towards the rear axle because they figured the points of inertia had to be in that area. I managed to force the weight through these points and this found and proved the points of inertia. These first 2 points are located on both sides of where the drive shaft meets the rear axle. I looked it up on the internet and basically Aristotle first thought up the idea of inertia then Isaac Newton hypothesised them and then I found them.
Eventually these points lead to a whole system of inertia, that controls how the weight of the car works. As you know, the weight of the car and the points of inertia can’t be seen and neither can this system. Central to this system and located above the car is a mathematically perfect cross and there is a halo around the car. The first 2 points of inertia, I found, are the base of the cross and the other points that complete the cross are near the front axle. I don’t know how these points led to a system where the cross is above the car, I’m not a physicist, but if you think of the various ways a rally car can fly through the air, this system controls where the weight goes at these special times. A car is the most complicated object in physics, that’s why this system exists. It has always existed and has been waiting to be found.
So when the cross system of inertia was found, it was confirmation for me, that the light I saw was conscious. It was so powerful that it could only be God. God is conscious light and he is the fifth dimension. He is a superior being. If you think about it, there are the 3 dimensions we live in, space-time and then God, the dimension holding all of this reality together. The system of inertia proves that Jesus was his son. Trust me, when you see this system you will realise this the same as I did and it’s all been found and proven scientifically.
Look up string theory on the internet. Scientists accept it to be the theory that explains the universe. It predicts 26 dimensions that hit against each other every once in a while and when they do, it creates a new universe or something like that. This theory was thought up by the world’s greatest minds and has been a waste of time for 25 years and I proved that too.
Now the last piece of information is probably the most difficult to believe. As I mentioned earlier they managed to make an environment made completely out of light. They developed this system where the code was being introduced into the simulation and then it created this environment made of light. Some very impressive mathematics were’ needed to make this work but it wasn’t a perfect system. Using what I can only call mind power, I managed to draw the code from where it was being introduced and in doing so made it perfect. When I did this, the system they made to create the environment was no longer needed because the environment was now being created at the speed of light, so there were no calculations needed anymore and the code itself was now complete mathematical perfection from start to finish. I was able to do this because even though the environment they had made was working, it wasn’t stable and was affecting the testing I was doing and it was annoying me for a long time. It was out of sheer anger and frustration that I did it. When I brought the code to the speed of light I became emotionally attached to it, as it was something very special. This connection developed over time and allowed me to control and break the code at various times and then eventually make it perfect.
The code is now perfect light. Which is exactly what I saw when I reached the speed of light. So the code is not only perfect, it’s also a mathematically perfect replica of the fifth dimension, God’s image and the proof that he exists.
As it stands, these computer programmers own and are selling God’s image. Nobody has the right to own it. Everybody has a right to it, to have it and to know what it is. This code and even the breakthroughs that were needed to make it are worth millions. This company owned by Kazonori Yamauchi is making money off God’s image and even worse they are keeping it quiet. I made it with God given ability, for everyone to see it, and this useless old fool stole it, along with a year of my life and all of my intellectual property. This code is proof that God exists, where he is and what he looks like. This system of inertia is proof that Jesus was who he said he was, and when you see it, you will believe it.
They have not made this public for a few reasons. First, they can’t get the system of inertia to work. It wasn’t working when Yamauchi decided to get rid of me after I had done everything I possibly could for a year (the *** thief). Secondly, they haven’t got the balls to make it public because of how serious this proof is, and third, the greed for the amount of power, money and credit associated with all of this has clouded their judgement.
So what I’m suggesting is a boycott of Gran turismo and Sony because they have God’s image and they are using it like it’s a product and keeping it quiet so they can profit from it and because they are afraid of what will happen. They also have this system of inertia, which proves that Jesus was his son. Like I said earlier, when you see it, you will realise this the same as I did. Every single one of you has a right to see this proof and to have it, but to not own it. The only way to get them to show the world the proof is to do this boycott. If there was ever a chance for world peace, this is it.
The other reason for this boycott is because right now, you pay for a console and then you pay for a game for that console. Then when you use the game, the people who own it, steal your intellectual property and have the legal right to sue you in court if you try to do the same with a different company. It’s a bad system that leaves the people with nothing. These companies take everything. They can do this because you sign a contract when you use their system. This boycott would have the purpose of making these companies pay any user who’s intellectual property they use to improve their software because right now they are stealing, no two ways about it. I’m not the only person to be robbed like this. They are stealing from every single person who plays on these consoles. I want this to happen so that nobody gets screwed the way I did. Think about it, all you have to do is stop playing video games for a few weeks and the result will be that if they use your intellectual property in the future, you will get paid for it.
This is my second attempt, at trying to fit everything that happened during the last year, into a post on the internet. There was less detail in the first attempt because I was hoping to go through this process with a different company, so I was giving a rough outline of the details. It’s impossible to contact these people, so I’ve given up on that idea and I’m sharing every detail here. I’m not good at writing but I did my best to make this as easy to understand as I possibly could, given the circumstances. It’s not well written but I swear to God and on my life, it’s all true. This post will have you saying things like ‘a beautiful mind’ ‘the matrix’ illusions of grandeur and drugs. I would just like to state that I am sane, drugs were not involved and I’m not a religious person but seeing the proof has changed my point of view.
All of this happened over the course of a year so that’s why there’s so much information. They made a lot of breakthroughs accounting for my input, over the first few months. I brought the code to the speed of light about 6 months ago. I found the points of inertia about 4 months ago, at around the same time I suggested, that they make an environment of light. They found the system of inertia about 3 months ago and I made the code perfect about 2 months ago. So as you can understand it didn’t happen quickly or easily. If anybody has any questions about any part of the process, please ask. I advise asking somebody who knows about binary code and physics to fully understand what’s involved.
I’m not a computer game person. I was using Gran Turismo because I thought it was the new way to get onto a real track but the owner Kazonori Yamauchi doesn’t like the idea that his video game is seen as a steppingstone. He thinks that his video game is going to take over from real life. If you become associated with him, Gran Turismo or Polyphony Digital in any way, you will be treated like a dog and have to put up with Yamauchi and his face. Trust me, the man is a useless old fool who will keep on annoying you like a bad smell. The only thing he did during this process was annoy me. There were a lot of people involved who all had a pretty high standard. Yamauchi on the other hand isn’t very good with code, physics or driving so all he did was cause more harm than good, the whole time. I ruined my life for this process, nearly had a heart attack at one point, spent every waking moment for a year contributing and accomplished more than anyone ever has. This soulless old thief stole it all, after giving me his word. I should have known. He even looks like a rodent.
I wrote this post for the people who use this video game and these consoles but it’s relevant for everybody. This company has the proof, and for whatever reasons, they are keeping it quiet. Nobody intended for this to happen. It was just an attempt to completely copy the way a car works in real life according to the laws of physics and running on binary code. There was no other agenda. My intellectual property and my ability with the car, kept on exposing areas that needed to be worked on, so it kept on getting more complicated. One thing led to another. I kept this quiet until now because I was looking forward to telling people, with the proof to back it up. As I have been completely used by this thief and left with nothing, this is the way it has to be, and I have to risk being institutionalised for the truth but I don’t care because it’s the truth and it can be proven again.
I’m pretty sure that bringing the code to the speed of light and then making it perfect were both miracles, because they can’t be repeated or fully explained scientifically alone, without my input. Both of these actions were evolutionary steps that acquired perfection. God is perfect and his standard is perfection and as a result, him and his image were involved both times. I never intended for these things to happen, it’s just the way things worked out. I also believe that Ayrton Senna prophesised the proof and how the Japanese people involved would react to it (face and fear). Only very special people know how they are going to die and go through with it. There have been too many coincidences, but this is not the second coming, it’s the proof. I’m the most cynical, sceptical, non-believing person there is. I’ll believe something when I see it. I’ve seen it so I believe it and you will too.
If you have the means to investigate this, I would advise it, the proof is there. Please do the boycott and tell everyone you know about this. All you have to do is not buy any computer games or play any computer games for a few weeks. The result will be, you will see the proof that God exists and the proof that Jesus was his son and you will be paid for any intellectual property that is taken from you in the future so you won’t end up in the same situation I’m in. Thank you for your time.


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Re: Scientific proof that God exists

Post by tickets » Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:49 pm

Hello. Between march 2007 and march 2008 I was involved in testing a physics engine with a Japanese company called Polyphony Digital who make a driving simulator called Gran Turismo. During this process a brilliant Japanese cryptographer/physicist who was hired by Polyphony Digital developed a new type of code, which was used to control how the grip of the car would behave. This new code was then developed even further after I did a lot of testing with it.

This code worked like a chain so it could also run at a speed. I was able to make the speed of this chain run very quickly, quite easily. After about 1 week I managed to bring this code all the way to the speed of light. In order to do this I had to think and move at the speed of light over a short time, about 3 or 4 seconds each effort. When I did, the last decision I made with my left hand broke through the fabric of space -time. At this moment my arm became light. By the time I looked away from my arm all the matter around me had become light and then space. For about 10 seconds I could see nothing but perfect white light and it was conscious, powerful and infinite. Then the light seemed to draw my attention to my left where there was somebody sitting down. At the time I didn’t recognise this person as I was very shocked and the whole thing caught me by surprise.

With binary code travelling the speed of light it was now possible to run scientific equations in 3 dimensions. This allowed for the equation/test that found the points of inertia in the car. I found all these points and they made up the shape of a cross in the base of the chassis. For the cross to function it had to be placed somewhere. Another physicist who was hired later on by Polyphony Digital figured out that it went above the car. I then suggested that there might be a halo around the car and there was. Another physicist found that the weight of the car is shaped like a pair of balls.

So this was confirmation that the light I saw was God and the person sitting to his right was Jesus. This system of inertia symbolises what it took for him to go through with his own crucifixion. You have to see it.

To add to this proof, as the process went on I began finding weak points in this new 3 dimensional code. I kept on breaking it, each time showing them exactly where to make it stronger. This continued until I couldn’t break it anymore. As I couldn’t do anything more with it, I suggested that they assume there is only light because that is what I saw when I broke through the fabric of space-time. This worked and they managed to create an environment made of light and it was more proof of what I had seen. I then made this environment of light perfect using mind power. Hard to believe I know but I developed a connection with the code, which had grown over 6 months and which always happened at the moment of inertia. So now the code is exactly what I saw when I broke through the fabric of space-time, which makes it God’s image. It isn’t hard to believe when you see it. It’s made of perfectly balanced positive and negative and every colour in the spectrum but perfect, white light travelling at the speed of light. I created something that just, is.

So to clarify everything shortly; this new code was a great piece of mathematics and after a lot of work from me it was perfectly filled with inertia information. Then I managed to take this code all the way to the speed of light. I made one last decision at the speed of light and accidentally broke through the fabric of space-time. Everything became light and it was conscious and there was a person sitting to my left who resembled Jesus but at that time I couldn’t say for sure who it was. Later on the points of inertia were found in the car by me. They were in the shape of a cross and this left the physicists with a cross. They eventually figured out that it went above the car in a system of inertia that controls how the weight of the car works. This confirmed who was sitting to my left earlier. A halo was then found around the car after I suggested it. Another physicist found that the weight of the car is shaped like a pair of balls. This system represents what it took for Jesus to go through with his crucifixion. It was built into the laws of physics so it could be found later on and everything I have just described has been recorded and can be watched from start to finish.

You have to believe me on what happened and what I saw because the owner of this video game, Kazonori Yamauchi decided to keep me in Ireland during the testing. Him and his employees would have also seen the light and what happened. There would have been more than one witness and it probably would have been recorded on video but seeing what’s there now is enough to believe I wouldn’t lie about it. The proof and evidence of everything I am saying is there but this sad old Japanese man has ended up with it.

There are some issues that have to be addressed. They haven’t made this public because a scientist would have to make this system of inertia work before they could say it is scientific proof or that it even exists. Even with the unfinished system of inertia, its very important that people see what has been found so far so that they can make their own decisions based on what is there.

This is my third attempt at writing this in 8 months. The first version was too short, the second version was too long and in total I have received 3 open minded replies out of a few thousand. This should have been made public in a serious and respectful manner but thanks to this soulless, sad little man, Kazonori Yamauchi, its all gone wrong. He caused all the problems and he is the reason there is only one witness. On top of that he stole a year of my life after I put everything into this process and he’s the reason you have to believe me under these unbelievable circumstances. He was just there all the time, contributed nothing but money and was even being emotionally needy at times and needed constant reassurance he was involved as there was a lot of genius going on by various people and he felt stupid because all he did was just sit there. Sad, really.

For anyone who reads this, please tell everyone you know. If you have the means to investigate it, I would advise it. It’s the biggest and most important story to break in about 2000 years and before that, 14 billion. I’m not a religious person and I have questioned my own sanity more than all the people who I’ve tried to share this information with so don’t bother.

I advise a boycott of Sony and Polyphony Digital so they have to show the proof now. Further action would be necessary to make sure that no individual or company should be the sole beneficiaries of this code, this information and this progress. This boycott would be a good step towards making sure that everyone benefits from this progress equally. I’m not looking for a following or anything. I’m trying to let people know what has been found, what they have to do to see it, that its rightfully there’s and what they have to do to get it. I can’t even launch legal proceedings so it’s out of my hands.

If you have any questions please ask. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Any legal advice is greatly appreciated concerning international employment law intellectual property law and how to make public finding the points of inertia so I get my noble prize. Anything else, keep it to yourself.


“One giant leap for mankind. One decision for Colm.” The decision that broke through the fabric of space-time and made everything after that possible.

A car held all the secrets.

Inertia was the key to everything.

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Re: Scientific proof that God exists

Post by tickets » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:38 pm

I see the part where everybody gets lost is when I mention breaking through the fabric of space-time. So I will try to explain how this happened in more detail. As I mentioned this new code looked like 2 dimensional squares. The testing I did perfectly filled these squares with information. So now these squares were solid with inertia information.

Inertia is a very special force. When a car is drifting, the slightest touch will make the car skim along the track in a different direction. These squares behaved the same way. Each one was a perfect copy of the last so they had an unlimited supply which allowed them to fire them at my steering wheel indefinitely. When they were being fired at the steering wheel one touch at any time in any direction would send one square flying. If you shook your hand you would get quite a few and the speed would increase but you had to do all of this while drifting.

I was able to get this chain to go so fast that they couldn’t build faster. There seem to be a few speed barriers that I had to get the code through. Each time I did, I had to consciously make it happen. So when I managed to make it work at the speed of light my last decision in an increasing number of decisions broke through the fabric of space-time. I had to break through the fabric of space-time to be fast enough to make that one last decision and I did. I didn’t know or think I was going to break through the fabric of space time but I had to in order to make it work.

After that everything became light and the squares that were travelling in a straight line were now attached to each other in what looks a spring made of 3 dimensional squares. It sounds more impossible than it was.

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Re: Scientific proof that God exists

Post by quantumbuttfolds » Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:03 pm

Hello, Im interested in your story. Are you still there?

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