FALL 2008 acceptances

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Re: FALL 2008 acceptances

Post by maxwell200 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 3:16 am

I finally got an acceptance from a school other than the same place I did my undergrad- U of Virginia. Well, not exactly Berkeley, UIUC, Texas-Austin, Cornell, Michigan, U Penn or even Wisconsin, but at this point, what the hell. I at least get to go somewhere in a different state that's really good for research I want to do, (atomic/medical physics), has a good enough ranking-36th, which could be simply because it's a smaller, liberal arts type program-and gives me good opportunities after I graduate. After seeing how few spots there are this year in almost all schools, and since I'm not a superstar app, I've digested the fact that I just can't afford to be that picky anymore.

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