Can anyone help me..??

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Can anyone help me..??

Post by isainianuj » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:11 am


I am an international student applying for a PhD this fall. I have really bad GRE physics score and bad GRE verbal scores. I am hoping to get good TOEFL score (around 100/120). My scores are:

GRE general:
Quant: 790 (92%)
Verbal: 340 (15%)
AWA: 3.5 (18%)

GRE Physics: 670 (51%)

I dont know how to convert my pertage score to GPA. I have 74.14 out of 100 in masters program in physics from jamia milia islamia, New Delhi.

I want to perform research in Quantum information and had done the project in the same field in my masters.

I have got 2 excellent recommendations from my profs and one good one form my present employer.

I am stuck up with my personal statement. I made a personal statement, I thought it too be a good one. When I showed to some of the people I know, I got a mixed response. I don't have enough time to write a new one! So, I am sticking up with the current one. Have made few changes though!

Can anyone tell me how important is personal statement? And how important is it when I have such scores?

I am applying to:

U of Rochester
Tulane Univ
Carnegie Melon
U of Florida
Georgia Tech

What are chances of getting into any one of the schools?

Shall I add in more schools. And are there are any schools that will accept me having late deadlines..??

Please advice!!!

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Post by isainianuj » Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:50 am

I just got my internet based TOEFL's result... I have scored 111/120

I hope this will help me cover up for my bad GRE verbal score...

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