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Post by butsurigakusha » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:25 pm

I just took the Physics GRE on saturday. I felt pretty good about it. With how well I had done on practice tests, I expect to score at least 950, but of course I won't know for another month. In the mean time, I need to start deciding what schools to apply to.

Now, I realize that probably know one here really knows any more than I do about this, but I still am curious what others think.

Here are my credentials:

GPA: 3.7
Major GPA:3.9
Research: 2 years experimental and computational CM
Will publish a paper as primary investigator within the next few months
Presented at APS March meeting
Worked as teaching assistant in math and physics departments, including modern physics and quantum mechanics
Society of Physics Students officer - outreach coordinator for a year

Now, I feel like I will be a pretty strong applicant, and will probably be able to get in to some really good programs, but I am wondering if I would much chance for admission to MIT and other competitive schools, assuming my Physics GRE does come 950 or above as I hope.

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