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ABOUT medical physics

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:41 am
by sophia_xuqing
HI, everyone,
so glad here to see friends who want to apply for physics graduate study
I also want to apply for medical physics.
I was majored in applied physics undergraduate, 3.3gpa
and gre: verbal 460, quantitive780, writting3.5
However, I am not majored in Theoretical physics, (speciality in particle physics), and i have not got any excellant research results or write any paper.
Besides, my backgroud has nothing to do medical physics.
I would like here to inquire you friends, would the master experience affect my application a lot? its is said that the professor would like students who has the related experience . But for me, i am very confused, how can i tell the professor that i can do another field well? there is no proof...