Any Universities in U S offering Cosmology / String theory ?

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Any Universities in U S offering Cosmology / String theory ?

Post by sammystrings » Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:37 am

Dear Friends,

My name is Sam studying Msc in physics with specialization in Astrophysics and Nuclear physics in an Indian university.After my pass out next year in July, I am planning to do a doctorial program in a University in United States.My area of interest are in cosmology or string theory.
It will be immensely helpful and great if anybody can help me out with some informations on courses and Universities in US which offer these courses.

Expecting to be part of this community for quite sometime,


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Post by JackSkellington » Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:15 am

Hi Sam,
The absolute best place to see who specializes in what is the schools' web sites. Im not an expert in either string theory or cosmology, but I know (some) of the top places for string theory are Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, UChicago...the usual list. Other schools have programs in both of those areas (Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, - I know USC has a string theory group). I think US News and World Report may have a ranking for high energy and astro program, although I'm pretty convinced this is ranking is (not only arbitrary but) irrevelent to the quality of experience and impact on your career the program will have for you. As I understand it, the singular most important factor is the individual faculty who will advise your dissertation- so look for someone influencial to your field.

One caveat- not to get your spirits down, but I know string theory is a NOTORIOUSLY DIFFICULT field into which to gain entrance (even more so as a foreign student), so it would be wise to have some reseach background in the field- not to say you shouldn't try.

Best of luck,

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Post by sammystrings » Wed Aug 08, 2007 6:51 am

Dear JackS,

Thanks for your suggestion.

To my knowledge, I do not have any influential acquaintances in United states who can really guide me through. I think it would be really great if you can provide me some sort of links or suggestion on how i would approach those faculties of those universities. Do you think they would really response to me if i mail to them for my queries ?

Once i contacted a professor in University of Maryland who is known to a professor in my institute. My professor ask me to contact him if i need some guide or somehing like that. To my surprise i never get any response from him and i didn't even tell my professor about it.So, I am wondering if anybody will sincerely respond to me and give a small advice.

I would soon be working on a project on high energy physics under the guidelines of a professor for a duration of a year. I am hoping if i should continue my doctoral programe in this line of field either, if so only in an institute of repute in US.

With regards,

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Post by phantom » Wed Aug 08, 2007 2:55 pm

hi Sam,
i don't think you should get discouraged by that professor who never replied to you... it happens... maybe he never even got your email because his emailbox considered it as spam.
Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to contact as many professors as you can find on the schools' websites... just email them that you're interested in their programs and ask some questions... somebody already wrote in one of the other posts that some professors answer in a very friendly way, and some just ignore.
One good lesson from this: It doesn't hurt to write emails!
I'm actually going to apply to grad schools in the fall myself, so I'm searching the professors' emails online from the programs I'm interested in and asking them some questions... you know just really showing my interest!
Good luck!

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