top programs for cosmology/string theory

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top programs for cosmology/string theory

Post by Mezentius » Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:25 pm

I am going into my senior year at Georgetown University, majoring in Physics and Math. I plan to take the GRE in the fall and the physics GRE in November. Right now I am trying to get a grasp of what programs I should be looking at. I'm interested in a wide range of fields from cosmology, to high energy particle physics, to string theory and quantum mechanics. More than any one element in particular I'm interested in the convergance of these fields. This seems to be best embodied in the BEYOND program at ASU ( I have already contacted them about graduate research but since they are not an academic department they don't actually take graduate students directly and the opportunities for graduate students in the ASU physics program to research there are selective. Does anyone know of similarly focused programs around the country? Are there people at UChicago, Standford, or MIT I should be looking at? My eventual goal is a tenure professorship after getting my PhD. Thanks for any insight.

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Re:top programs for cosmology/string theory

Post by sammystrings » Wed Jul 04, 2007 1:15 am

Its stunning to see that there is a person who has almost the same sort of ideas and ambitions. This is Sam currently doing Msc physics with specialization in astrophysics and nuclear physics in a indian university expecting to graduate next year at around july. After which i am planning to write my GRE and to do a doctoral program in United States possibly from 2009.
Since we have similar goal, lets us share some informations from time to time about GRE preparation and Universities and stuff like that.All the best for your preparation and keep working hard.


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