Grad School Chances- graduating early from top school, 3.1 G

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Grad School Chances- graduating early from top school, 3.1 G

Post by HappyPhysicist » Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:12 pm

Hi everyone,

I am new to this website, and hope that this is the right place to post my question. I would really appreciate anyone who is willing to read my situation and offer advice or blunt opinions on my chances.

University: Top 5 in world

GPA: Only a 3.1 overall and ~3.0 in major. Although this is a very terrible GPA, I am slowly improving through time and effort.

GRE: I have just taken general thus far, and scored about 90th percentile. Will definitely retake. Physics GRE expected to be around 800-850.

- One summer fellowship at a top-50 worldwide ranked university.
- One summer fellowship at my university with a very encouraging research professor. This led to a presentation at APS Meeting. We are also about to submit a publication (I would be second author) and might submit one more publication before I graduate. The professor frequently mentions that he will give me a very glowing recommendation letter.
- I am about to graduate one year early, and instead of fourth year undergrad I will be researching with a prestigious professor (one of best in his field) at top-25 international school.

Extracurriculars: I do some volunteer work. For what it's worth, I also speak pretty solid Chinese for a non-Chinese.

Other Possible Factors:
- Female.
- Graduating university one year early
- Married. My husband is top student in his year with multiple publications and major awards; so if graduate schools evaluate spouses' applications together that could potentially help me.
- At least one professor who is extremely supportive of me.

Obviously a top-tier university would be out of the question for me (unless they really want my husband and take me as a package deal), but would a second-tier university be plausible? Also, does anyone know how to de-emphasize my poor GPA?

Thank you so much for the help!

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Re: Grad School Chances- graduating early from top school, 3.1 G

Post by Sportsfan77777 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:31 am

Are you an international student?
Are you applying to US schools or international schools?

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Re: Grad School Chances- graduating early from top school, 3.1 G

Post by Catria » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:05 am

There's no point in retaking a general GRE at the 90th percentile, if you actually scored at the 90th percentile for both V and Q. Otherwise I think a score breakdown is necessary.

Yes, general GRE is used for something but, in a physics context, it's mostly used for internal, field-independent fellowships.

Finally, what research do you want to do?

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