Common Application Mistakes

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Common Application Mistakes

Post by mbgnjasb » Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:46 pm


I have started to fill up my graduate applications to US Universities for theoretical physics. I would like to know what are the common application mistakes that people make and what small things that should be kept in mind. I am talking about things not related to academic background (which we cannot do anything about anymore) but the applications themselves.

Anything ?.....logistics, funding details, etc. , etc.


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Re: Common Application Mistakes

Post by djh101 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:44 am

According to USC, one common mistake is putting your first name in the last name box and your last name in the first name box. Misspelling and typos in the form and statement is also common (I almost submitted an application with my recommender written as Lawrence instead of Laurence). Be sure to submit the documents that the school wants (statement of purpose follows the guidelines, for example)- Michigan wants you to upload OFFICIAL transcripts, so don't make the mistake of sending them a web printout.

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Common Application Mistakes

Post by Kennethst » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:11 pm

Please post common mistakes in written/spoken English. You can also post those which Indians make more commonly.

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