Score interpretation guide from ETS

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Score interpretation guide from ETS

Post by braindrain » Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:21 am

Check this out:
I was suprised at some of the things in this guide because
the schools and people in general aren't exactly following it.
ETS says no minimum cutoffs should be applied. They used the word 'never'. Hmmm...
ETS says it doesn't make sense to add up verbal and quantitative
and talk about it in a lump sum because you added up apples
and oranges and that doesn't mean anything. Hmmm...
ETS says that schools are required to report scores for the middle
50% of admitted (or accepted students?). When we see
reported averages are we seeing 50% or everybody? Hmmm...
Plus there are tables there and one of the tables lumps
correlations of scores AND undergraduate GPA with first-year
graduate school GPA. Hmmm... (I think this one is just lying
with statistics because they lumped in undergrad gpa with
the scores. The undergrad gpa may be directly correlated but
the scores not and because its lumped together ...) Hmmm...

Just interesting! I guess this guide should be called:
"the small print".

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