Applied research in Optics/Photonics

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Applied research in Optics/Photonics

Post by renewed » Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:24 am

Hello all,

I am considering applying for PhD programs in Physics/EE (specifically - Optics/Photonics). Considering pervasive posts about the dismal job market, I understand Optics/Photonics is more applied, and hence more sought-after in industry. However, what areas within Optics/Photonics look to grow industrially in the future? Apart from the specific skills that I will be trained in during my PhD, what are the other skills that I need to develop in order to move into other probable jobs such as consulting, finance, et cetera?

How does the job market in Canada/Europe in this field fare in comparison to the US?

PS-I am definitely not considering an academic career.

Thank you.

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