ETS is a nonprofit company???? Hell, no!

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ETS is a nonprofit company???? Hell, no!

Post by soluyanov » Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:20 pm

These guys from ETS are true robbers. There is no info about sending both general and subject test. What confused me was a request to indicate your ID for an exam - and IDs for general and subject test are different. I called an ETS representative in American Councils St. Petersburg, Russia and he told me to send G and S request separatly and pay for both. And I did so.

Now, I was surprised, that ETS charged me only 120$ instead of 240$ and I thought that they fixed my misunderstanding. Oh, how stupid I was! They sent me an e-mail telling that my bank rejected two payments and I have to pay 120$ + a fine of 20$. My bank representative says that there were no rejects at all and ETS has an open access to my card, so anyway those rejects were not my fault.

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Post by tj_wants_in » Fri Dec 15, 2006 6:02 pm

"Nonprofit" is a very flexible term by US tax laws. A large and well-positioned nonprofit can make profits for a number of years before anything happens.

ETS does pull in very major revenues, but this sounds particularly bogus even for ETS. :? I'll see what happens to my score reports.

I know for the four "free" reports included in my General test fees, they said they'd include both subject and general tests - I have a feeling that you got cheated badly.

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