career path for medical physics graduates? need help!!!

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career path for medical physics graduates? need help!!!

Post by kalamaka » Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:40 am

Hi, I am considering applying medical physics, basically because I still enjoy physics but I am sure I am not one of those genius...

I wonder what is a typical starting job for a medical physics PHD? I don't mean just a title, but what exactly do they do every day? Where do they work? What is the working hours like and do they work on weekends?

I read something like
'Medical physicists are generally involved in four areas of activities: clinical service and consultation; research and development; teaching, and administration. Usually a medical physicist is involved in all four areas; the relative distribution of responsibilities, however, varies considerably from one physicist to another'
What exactly does it mean?

And what is the typical career path? If you go into clinical services, do you end up doing the same technical work all your life?

Also, what is the starting pay like? And how does it grow over the years?

Lastly, I am not a native, I wonder if this would be a really big drawback? Will it be very hard for international students to find a job?

I would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light over these issues!

Thanks a lot!!!

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