physics at oxford,cambridge after engg.??

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physics at oxford,cambridge after engg.??

Post by karankaran » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:00 am

hi guys,
i received a lot of positive feedback in my last thread. i am a engg graduate from india and i am going to give physics GRE this month. i have no research exp or publications. i know without this criteria i might not have a good shot at any top u.s. university. so i was wondering whether scoring good at PGRE help me in my u.k. admissions.
do the universities like oxford,cambridge have the same criteria as u.s. university. there is a competition called GATE in india. if i get a good score in that, will it help too..
plz tell me because i plan to do masters froma european university first. then i intend to go for phd from u.s.

pS: please give me some guidance regarding oxford and cambridge.

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