Need some suggestion and advice

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Need some suggestion and advice

Post by siroyslily » Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:57 am

Dear friends,

I am new user here.I am an indian student from an indian university with a masters degree in physics with specialization in nuclear and particle physics.Last year( August,2008), I passed out with first class and had the previledge to attend couple of schools on Cosmology and particle physics and a years Msc thesis project on neutrino physics.

Since I didn't have my passport that time, I couldn't sit last years exams like TOEFL, GRE general as well as PGRE which are necerssay for admission process in US.So, I missed out the chance for this years graduate school in US universities.As a result, instead of US, I applied early for UK universities, I got an offer for MPhil degree in Experimental high energy physics, Birmingham university( to be precise, the work is in LHC, Atlas experiment) which would be transferred to PhD programme upon successful completion and its suppose to start from this September, 2009.However, the tragedy is that they have not provided any sort of funding, not even TA.So, I gave interview for Commonwealth Scholarship and it too was given to only one person this year for physics category. Though there is some possibility for me to get some other offer from other universities from UK, these may be in different areas like observational astrophysics or something like that.

As I am more inclined to particle physics and especially to theoretical particle physics, I am thinking of preparing these year for exams like TOEFL and GREs and start early for application process in US universities so that I may not have the same problem due to financial unpredictability in UK universities. I would like to know about some good universities in US offering both experimental as well as theoretical particle physics with possibilities of financial support.But, I do not want to rush to top seeded Ivy league schools as my chances may be very marginal.So, please guide me some universities which are very strong in research in these fields.I don't mind if they are even very interior.

Thanks all and hope to be a part of this inspiring community.



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