Bolstering our record, for those returning after a long time

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Bolstering our record, for those returning after a long time

Post by Relativist » Sun Apr 02, 2006 3:33 pm

Ok, here are my stats, I'm basically doing an M.S. this spring and next year to improve me record:

Physics GRE: took April 1 (expect a score around 600-700) Did a cram preperation will take again in Nov & Dec after a more thorough prep. I'm thinking I should score in the (800-900+) after more thorough preperation.

General GRE
Q: 790
V: 620
A: 4.2

I belive I could rase my verbal if I worked at it, maybe significantly. When I took the General I did a rush job also because I was trying to take it for spring admissions, so I had basically zero preperation for the analytical writing, I belive I could do much better with some preperation.

Top 20 school, GPA ~3.78

Research: some independent stuff - not much really. I am hoping I can bolster this durring my M.S. program.

Teaching: TA for Quantum Physics my senior year & lots of tutoring experience over the years.

I can get good letters from my undergrad years & from my work years, and hopelly will get some from the M.S. program.

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Post by bluefire » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:51 am

I think that sounds like a plan. I may end up having to do that also. What grad schools are thinking of applying to?

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