Suggestions for SOP for HEP-ex program

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Suggestions for SOP for HEP-ex program

Post by fdiwol » Sun Dec 11, 2022 6:35 am

I'm working on my SOP for my graduate school application. Specifically, I want to study collider physics and involve in LHC, so I apply to schools with active ATLAS/CMS/e.t.c groups.
But I found it hard to elaborate why this school is a great fit for me, or why I want to work with a certain professor(which is obviously very important to SOP), rather than repeat "because your program has a large group that participates in ATLAS experiment, so I want to work with Prof xxx, who is in the experiment".
To rephrase: ATLAS/CMS experiments are a collaboration of multiple institutions, so I don't know how to emphasize why I choose this school's ATLAS group, not others'. Any suggestions? :cry:

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Re: Suggestions for SOP for HEP-ex program

Post by CosmicSans » Sun Dec 11, 2022 9:21 am

Most Professors/Research Groups will have a webpage where they mention in which part they contributed the most. Perhabs it would be better if you focus on a more specific theme (ex: higgs boson, dark matter, quarks) and mention that alongside your general interst to collider physics.

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