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Profile Evaluation

Post by Sim » Fri Aug 13, 2021 5:22 pm

Hello everyone! I've recently completed my undergraduation and I'm preparing to apply for Masters for Sept 2022 intake. Could you kindly evaluate my profile? I'm planning to apply for Canadian universities (UBC and McGill are my top priorities). Any comment/suggestion would be of great help.

Degree: B.Sc. in Physics (Honours) from a state university in India (Not so popular for physics)
CGPA: 9.1/10 (equivalent to 4.0 GPA)
Length of Degree: 3
Position in Class:1
Type of Student: Indian female


GRE: Not required by any of my preferred university

Research Experience:
- 1 summer position as a research associate. Worked on radiations and exoplanets habitability. (Presented a lightning talk at a conference. Also preparing a manuscript and will probably submit it to a journal before applying for Masters)
- 1 year of research on small solar system bodies’ Dynamics.
- Might also start working on a research project on Exoplanet's TTVs

- 1 poster POP on Exoplanets at an international conference
- 4 (physics) article publications (3 in National journals, 1 book chapter)
- 1 manuscript on Black holes (review paper, submitted for peer review)

- Roll-of-Honour for all 3 years of degree
- Gender champion. Represented the science department of my institution.

Teaching Experience (might help to get a TA position?):
- Educator for a kids astrobiology program (taught international middle school students)
- Starting an intern position under an astrobiology Internship (will teach international middle school students)

Any miscellaneous accomplishments that might help: Awarded 'best speaker' and literary cup for Debate competitions (during the inter-city youth festivals in India). A national sports medalist (but in high school so might not be significant here :? ). A few small-scale projects in physics and Astrophysics. Attended a large number of conferences and workshops. Also volunteered for two non-for-profit organizations.

Letter of recommendations: 1 from my college professor/supervisor, the rest from two astrophysicists under whose supervision I did the research projects.

As you might have assumed, I'm highly interested in Planetary sciences (Exoplanets in particular). My top schools are UBC and McGill. So, I'd like to know if I stand a chance for MSc Astrophysics/Physics at any of these schools or not? Also, as not many schools accept a 3-year degree AND have a professor working on Planetary sciences, could you recommend some schools to me based on my profile? As I'm eligible to apply only to McMaster along with UBC and McGill, I might also try for European schools.


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