What to expect during an interview?

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What to expect during an interview?

Post by mousaiii » Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:40 pm

I just received my first interview invite and could someone share about what we should expect during a PhD interview? How can I prepare for it? It is with a professor that is most closely aligned with my research interest. Thanks a lot!

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Re: What to expect during an interview?

Post by HubbleBubble » Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:08 am

Study details on their program and the research of that professor. Be ready to talk about your own research and CV, and practice responses to typical job questions (greatest strength/weakness, hobbies, where do you see yourself etc).

In my experience some form of “summarize your research” will always come up, although sometimes they are probing beyond your application to see what you did in the last few months (current work). Some form of “why our program specifically” will often come up. So those two are most important. Otherwise, US interviews tend to be more like typical job interviews in my experience. Even if you prepare, still try to be comfortable and treat it like a conversation.

If the professor is in the call, expect to talk about their work, most likely in the form of what interests you or your relevant skills. But they may just be there to get a picture of you and if you would work well together. So it might just be a conversation about random stuff and work habbits haha. EDIT: the first two paragraphs are more for formal interviews, if it is just a chat with a professor there wouldn’t be much to prepare.

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