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Program information

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:54 am
by Maxwells_Demon
Hi friends,

I'm currently being torn between applied physics and theory, so maybe I should apply to both? For applied physics I see Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Stanford are excellent... But for theory I'm interested in GR. For this I'm looking at UCLA, UCSB, UIUC. Any others that I'm unaware of? The reason for my interest is because my honors thesis is on quantum states in GR (micro black holess). My previous research resembles that of applied physics.

I'm searching but it's not easy. Thanks all

Re: Program information

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 8:38 pm
by Juston
I'm sorry I can't say much about applied physics, but I think I can help a little with gravity programs.

University of Maryland has a well-sized gravity group, as does Caltech. Stanford, and Chicago, to my knowledge each have a few people in their gravity groups. UT Austin also has one, but after looking at their website, it seems like there's only one active faculty member.

If you're more interested in quantum gravity, a lot of HEP groups have someone doing work in supergravity or the gravitational aspects of string theory (namely the AdS/CFT correspondence, which, as I understand it, has something to do with the string theory derivation of the formula for black hole entropy). As for alternative QG research, Penn State, and Perimeter in Canada each have a lot of researchers in Loop Quantum Gravity. UC Davis and UCR each have someone doing work in LQG, and there is a professor at my own school (UCI) doing research in simplicial quantum gravity (or computational QG on a simplicial lattice).

Hope this helps.