What departments to apply to?

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What departments to apply to?

Post by Helio » Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:45 pm

Hi guys,

I have gotten my list together already.... I am just in the limbo about what department to apply to at a couple schools because of my research background (solar physics). I have been working on the same old project for nearly 2.5 years now and had a summer stint in condensed matter and in particle physics. The condensed matter was living hell (now there is 1 grad student left in an experimental group), but the particle physics got me option to do my master's in germany and rec.

I am currently thinking about applying to OSU and U. of Colorado Boulder for either physics or astronomy. I am not sure which one at which school. OSU Physics as the advantage of their astroparticle group and research center, while the astro department has the 25% of the LBT. Boulder physics has just some gravity theory, but i am sure if the nuclear physics may be interesting too. The APS department has a solar physics faculty member and i am working with modified code of theirs, but my research advisor says the faculty member and him aren't the best friends.

Does anybody have any information about these departments, so I can see where my chances are better?

Other stats that might be of interested:
GPA: 3.73 overall 3.75 Physics (that is with math courses, without 3.8)
PGRE: Oct 18th
GRE: Nov 8th (I didn't have time this summer to take it because of research.. shouldn't hurt too much)

Thanks in advance.



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