New GRE Physics Free Online Test website Found ?

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can this site may useful for GRE Physics Preparation?

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New GRE Physics Free Online Test website Found ?

Post by kanishsurya » Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:24 am

Dear Members,

i just found this site week ago and i want to let others to use get benefited.

site called <edited for bad content -grae313> and it contains lots of Solved physics (more than 200 Tests) multiple choice question with explanation (no need to login for checking the answers and need to login to view the answer with explanations and you can also store the details for future reviews.) . The site covers almost all GRE physics topics.

bye from now

kanish surya

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Re: New GRE Physics Free Online Test website Found ?

Post by ler1 » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:01 am

bad site. useless irelevant and contains a trojan

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Re: New GRE Physics Free Online Test website Found ?

Post by quizivex » Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:22 am

Thanks for the warning!

For any future GRE takers who were thinking of risking the link above, I wanted to remind you that all of what you need to know for the GRE can be learned from the four practice tests and your undergraduate course material. A reasonably accurate (but with a few errors) set of solutions for the four practice tests is available here: ... s_list.php

If your background is deficient in one of the areas covered on the exam, then you should track down a resource that covers it... there are even books out there about data/error analysis and lab methods.

Finally, for anyone who wants a set of physics problems, all of the general physics books out there have a good variety of problems that'll help for the GRE... Another glut of problems can be found in Schaumm's pamphlet, it has 3000 with solutions...

Anyway, my point is, don't invest too much time with risky, spurious resources like the link above.