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Of you have gotten 0-2 acceptances thus far

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:21 am
by maxwell200
This is for those of us who are not ecxaclty spoiled with options this year.

I as of now have one accetpance-Ohio State Biophysics. I applied to 11 schools, so that kind of stinks. I am waitlisted on several schools-np idead at all what's gonna happen. I was sort of looking to see how many people are in the same situation as I am, so maybe we could all act pissed off at the subjective, quasi random nature of admisisons together or something. Preferable few or no posts from those who got in anywhere or almost anywhere they applied. For whatever reason, you're now spoiled, whether you were one of the few mega-uber geniuses out there, a great networker/suck up/BS artist/PR guy/girl, got luckier with research opportunites, better connected simply a neurotic, over the top worker or had something else going for you, you not dealing with the rejection and fustration issues the rest of us are, probably never have, and maybe will someday, but not now.

So, preferable only those with 0-2 acceptances so far should say what they feel like saying, so we could at least try to get an idea who's out there.

Re: Of you have gotten 0-2 acceptances thus far

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:18 am
by jdhooghe
Maxwell, I understand your anger at this stage. I know because I am going through the exact same thing(Rejected twice, one almost rejected and four waitlistings) but I do wish to make a point. The people that have been blessed with options are not spoiled. They have worked hard just like us but know how the system works. The admission committees go through hundreds of applications a year and have to pick ~40. These successful applicants know how to differentiate themselves from the rest of us. True, some people have connections that us from less known universities don't have but they were the ones that knew at that point in their life what they wanted. I was about to go into the army before my councilor(Yes, this one actually helped) convinced me to go to my school's preview day. I was unmotivated and directionless when I graduated highschool. Life is about playing the system. You have to do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door...something I am just now beginning to see. Talk to potential graduate advisors, go do research with people who have great is all a game that some of us have only just realized we're playing. Life sucks...I have always known that but I do what I can to make it the best it can be. Believe me, I feel like life is taking a dump on me too but please, do not get too depressed. There is always next year. I know, I didn't like to hear those words too but I am starting to realize now that I might not get in and will have to get a job(only goodness knows where). Hopefully I can get one with good connections and hopefully some worthwhile research. If not, there is an extra year to re-study for the G.R.E. I will be more experienced, have better scores(Hopefully I can overcome my anxiety now with pills :) )and have connections that will call in favors when needed. Do not give up hope. Life is a ride even if you are being dragged by a rope through a pig pen.

Re: Of you have gotten 0-2 acceptances thus far

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:34 pm
by gatr1126
I couldn't have said it any better than jdhooghe. I find it funny that he seems to be the optimistic one even though he hasn't gotten in anywhere yet and you've at least found some place wants you. I was going through the same exact thing as you guys (all rejections) until last Friday, when I finally got into UMass. I don't know about you, but I only applied to places (prestigious or not, large or small) that I would be absolutely stoked to go to. I applied to 7 schools and if I go 1-6, I absolutely won't care, so I find little to be frustrated about. Even if you don't get in anywhere else, you applied to OSU for a reason and should be thrilled.

As for jdhooghe, glad you're keeping your head up. Of the four or so waitlists you've got, I think probability says at least one of them should let you in. I applied to a few of the same places as you (rejected from Stony Brook, waitlisted on Syracuse) in high energy theory, but I wanted to remain on the Eastern seaboard. If you're stretching from SB to UC Davis, you've got a much wider selection of schools. There are actually a few whose deadlines haven't passed yet and I would try to get out a few more applications (UConn and Kansas to name two). As for taking a year to improve your record, that would work without a doubt so the worst thing you're losing is a year of your life.

Also, I'm about 90% on going to UMass regardless of the Syracuse decision, so I'll try to inform them ASAP that I'm not attending and hopefully help you out.

Re: Of you have gotten 0-2 acceptances thus far

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:20 pm
by jdhooghe
Heh believe me, I have had my fair share of moments too. If I do not get in, I honestly do not know what I am going to do. I've been trying to find job sites without the "Post-doc position available" but to no avail :). Anywho, back to Stat. Mech. homework...which I am absolutely loving :D. Remember Maxwell, do not get too depressed. Be thankful for what you got and remember how worse off you could be. As for you gatr, thank you for your kind words and your offer about Syracuse. You have as much right there as I do so don't feel as if you need to give up your position. Go visit there if you do get accepted, then make up your mind :).