Provisional Admission (English course) for VISA F1

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Provisional Admission (English course) for VISA F1

Post by bahar.physics » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:09 am

Hi guys!!

I have asked many questions in this forum, but no one answered me so far! But I urge that answer this one.
I am facing many problems during this process! Yes, I am not a lucky person!
My IELTS score is : L 7, S 6.5 , W 6.5 , R6.5 -> overall 6.5 (if I got 7 in just one section my total score would be 7!)
Case Western needs 7 for giving me a full admission, and because I do not met the minimum score, they want to give me Provisional Admission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is soooooooooooooooo bad for me as an IRANIAN applicant! You know how it would be hard for me as an Iranian applicant to get visa! and it would be worse if I applied with this I20!!!
What should I do?
I am depressed, I cannot take IELTS exam again! because of my visa appointment! would be hard for me as an Iranian applicant to get the visa with this I20? i dont know about my chance to get the visa!

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