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How important are the courses in senior spring semester?

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:29 pm
by bcjw5
Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding the courses in senior spring semester. Currently I am an undergraduate senior (about to graduate in May 2018) and have already been accepted into a few Physics PhD programs (yet to decide which one to attend though). This semester (senior spring, Jan 2018---May 2018) I am taking three graduate-level courses. However, two of the courses are quite hard and I really want to drop them :? :? . I'm wondering if this decision would risk my admission be revoked by the accepted graduate school?

Dropping the two courses will NOT affect my graduation during this May, since I have already completed all requirement for the Bachelor degree. It will NOT show in my official transcript or affect my GPA either, since my college has a "No Record" policy which means only passed courses would be shown on the official transcript. If a student fails or drops a course, it is equivalent to the scenario where the student has never taken the course. But I am still worried that if the graduate school saw I have only passed one course in my senior spring semester, they might become suspicious and revoke my admission... :|

Just a personal note: I feel I really need to refine my math and programming knowledge during this summer, otherwise I'm pretty sure I will not survive even the first year of PhD studies...