Help me if you know about topological insulators/ 2D materials/ and topology

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Help me if you know about topological insulators/ 2D materials/ and topology

Post by bahar.physics » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:29 am

Hi young physicists

I am in a very very very bad mood that I can not decide what university to choose. I want to share my admitted universities and the topics.

* My Real Concern I have a B.Sc degree in physics, I love 2D materials, and more topological superconductors and topological insulators, weyl semimetals. My preference is theoretical researches but I like experimental ones too! I have contacted many scientists both base on my interest and my second interest, which in optics. However, professors who work on something different from my interest showed a lot of interests than people who work on my interest subjects! Also experimentalists who work only on TIs or 2D materials did not show any interests to me, and sometimes I missed them because I had a focus on the theorists! My real concern is that, just like any other bachelors, I feel unconcern about whether I can be good in theoretical physics or experimental one! And whether topology, which is hard, is ok for me! Could I be good at it! Could I do my best! I don't know

I love Prof. Andrei Bernevig and Prof. Taylor haughes :cry:

My Admitted Universities
  • Montana state University
:arrow: This university is situated in Bozemen, the city is in not city is county, I love nature! But I don't know whether I can be there for 7 years and be happy!
:arrow: I have contacted a professor there and he has encouraged me to apply and chosen topics for me about working on superconductors and topological ordering. That's nice!
:arrow: after I have admitted, a professor who works on 2D material and a new faculty has contacted me, he had worked on national lab Berkeley Lawrence, I like his work and I know he has many connections. But would it be too rude to work on anybody else rather than the professor I have contacted at first?
Stipend: 1600 per month
  • Case western Reserve Univ

The rank is good! #61
The city, Cleveland, is better than Bozemen!
:arrow: the professor works on plasmonic a and metamaterials who is really expert on it. also he holds a conference every 2 years and invites super scientist on such topics. That's an advantage! Connections!
:arrow: the problem is that I don't know whether I like this topic or not!
:arrow: there is another scientist who works on Topological insulators, but I have insisted that I am eager to work with him! Could I change it? I am stupid, I know!
Stipend: 24k a year
  • Wesleyan University
The city, Middletown, is situated nearby big cities!
:arrow: I have been interviewed by a Prof Kottos who is expert on P-T symmetry, but my mentor was chosen his collaboration in the department. Prof kottos is hardworking and ambitious . That's good, but he won't be my first advisor!
:arrow: My problem is that, when I look back at topological insulators, topology, ... my heart is beating :?
Stipend 2750 per month!!!

Other university is Univ of South Carolina and Texas tech univ which are not my interest.

Help me, I want to be an expert in my field. I want to love it. I am stuck in a bad situation and I do not know how to manage it.

Thank you guys.

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