Most welcoming astronomy programs for Computer Science Majors

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Most welcoming astronomy programs for Computer Science Majors

Post by deathstroke » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:58 pm

Hi all!

I am currently in the penultimate semester of my undergraduate studies majoring in computer science. I am planning to pursue graduate education in astronomy. I have been working in astronomy since my sophomore year and have substantial research experience. I did projects ranging from analysis of ionospheric data to applied machine learning for 21cm Cosmology. Mostly my research interests center around a field known as astroinformatics and I am planning to apply to schools that either offer a specialization or have faculty working in the same. Below is my profile and current list of schools I am planning to apply to. Since I am a CS undergrad, I am not sure which Universities would be reach, optimistic or safe for me. I would appreciate your inputs for the same and it would be immensly helpful if you can point out some other graduate programs that I can possibly apply to. Thanks!

Undergrad Institution: Indian university famous for CS, no reputation for Physics
Major(s): Computer Science
Overall GPA: 7.6/10
Length of Degree: 4
Position in Class: Institute does not award ranks
Type of Student: International Male

GRE Scores :
Q:167 (92%)
V:154 (65%)
W:4 (60%)
P:Did not take(Applying to schools without or optional PGRE)

TOEFL(iBT): (R: 30, L: 30, S: 24, W: 28,Total: 112)

Research Experience: Multiple undergraduate research experiences in reputed astronomy institute in India. Work mainly centered around data analysis and machine learning for astronomy.

Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Winner of one of the world's largest hackathon events, ICPC regionals, Conference publication in Computer Vision

Special Bonus Points: Primary recommender is well known in radio astronomy and might have contacts

Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Visited UW for a summer school in astroinformatics

Applying to Where:

CalTech - Astronomy - Data-Intensive Astronomy
University of Washington - Astronomy - Big Data and Data Science Interdisciplinary Track
Northwestern - Physics and Astronomy - Exoplanets, Interdisciplinary research in astronomy(Check out-
Vanderbilt - Astronomy - Astro-informatics specialization
Rochester Institute of Technology - Astrophysical Science and Technology - Astro-informatics
Wesleyan - Astronomy - Exoplanets(Mostly applying as a safe option, however not even sure if I can call it that though)

Also considering to apply:- University of Arizona, University of Michigan, UC-SC

Let me know your thoughts!

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