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Health Science to Physics/Medical Physics Masters

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:02 am
by HPfeen
I'm looking to get into a masters program in physics or medical/health physics. I previously applied to a Radiation Health Physics program but didn't get in and would like to know what I need to do to better my chances. I tried contacting the University a few times but haven't heard back.

I have a BS in Health Science, which was basically all the pre-med classes with public health and some advanced physiology, but I never did any research as an undergrad and my GPA was pretty poor. I actually started out as a Biophysics major but switched my junior year after my dad got cancer and I was splitting time between school (out of state) and home (I had a scholarship so didn't want to transfer), so I have a few extra physics classes and after switching I realized it was the only subject I ever enjoyed studying.

I've been working in the health physics field for a few years now. I got into it as technician and worked my way up to a health physicist position by self studying and proving to my bosses that I had the required knowledge. A big part of that was writing internal research papers to justify department practices (very small scale investigations). I was also very lucky that my boss acted as a mentor to me but that's the extent of my research experience. I love my job and want to keep advancing but I know that would be difficult without a graduate degree. I also want to open up my options to the possibility of doing real research or being able to transition to another physics related field.

Should I take the PGRE? Do you think that would help? Should I take classes on the side to boost my GPA?