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ElecEng Major with Phys Minor

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 1:00 am
by otsnrex
Hi everyone. I am graduating in December with an electrical engineering major. I have completed a physics minor which includes: Taylor Classical Mechanics, Griffiths E&M (2 semesters), 1 semester Griffiths Quantum.

Unfortunately I don't have the money to continue finishing a physics bs, however I have room for one more class. Since my goal is to pursue a PhD in solid state physics, condense matter, or AMO, I'm wondering which other class I should take?
I have to choice of Griffiths Quantum 2 or Thermal/Statistical Physics. Which class would help for the PGRE?

Currently my GPA is a 3.1. My engineering courses are a lot easier than the physics courses, so I am also second guessing taking another physics course since I don't want to lower my GPA.