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PGRE-(shifting from Computer Engg to Quantum Computing)

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:45 pm
by bosemicrowave
I'm planning to take my PGRE on October this year but I'm coming from Computer Engineering background( I'm applying to a field which is closest path related to Computer science[AMO-specialization Quantum Computing,Quantum Technology(such as Quantum teleportation,cryptography BEC].I've also done some work in Fiber Optics although there is no invention patent system in my country.So basically I don't have any significant research on my field where I'm applying but I know every single development in these field which has an analogy like Classical Computer:Quantum Computer::classical physics:Quantum physics.Although Quantum computing is a new field of technology cured by quantum physics,optical fiber etc but still in it's earlier developmental state.

But my question is how to get a top PGRE score considering the fact I've not got enough access on Quantum mech(working hard on Griffith's book or Dirac/Resnick etc) or Statistical physics,particle physics/specialized topics such as Astro/mathematical physics...or 6% experimental physics etc. :?

Can you recommend any good resource/text book on those above related fields...or any other online PGRE coaching/subject material(I've got Ohio state material).REA book is below par the standard as many people have pointed out,so what are the best resources available in the market whose problems are identical with actual PGRE exam problems?