Non Engineering Major Applying to Grad Program in Aerospace

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Non Engineering Major Applying to Grad Program in Aerospace

Post by mbyoung18 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:48 am

I was hoping somebody could give me some tips for what I am trying to do, or has possibly followed a similar path to what I am attempting.

I receieved a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara in Studio Arts. I had about a 3.5 GPA and got nothing lower than a B in any of my classes. I simply had no diection and did not apply my self to work towards something harder.

I got my M.A. in Education and held a GPA of 3.9. I took the first two levels of Calculus classes about 2 years ago to help qualify me to teach math, which is what I do now. I recieved B's in both of those classes. It has taught how much I love math and how it applies to the real world, and have been fascinated with the space industry and spacecraft.

Now, I want to go back to school for Engineering, specifically in Aerospace. I'd prefer not to go back for an additional Bachelor's. I have spoken to multiple Universities about applying to their grad programs without having a B.S. in aerospace, and they say that it is not a requirement to have one. They say I should go to a community college and take lots of math and physics classes, and that it is possible for me to get in.

I am looking at schools like UCI, as well as many other UC schools, Stanford. I am open to other suggestions as well.

My questions are the following: 1) Has anybody done something similar to this? Part of me believes them when they say that it is possible, but part of me feels that they have to say that and that I really have no chance. 2) Can anybody give me any suggestions or ideas for strengthening my application? For example internship ideas, letter of intent tips, or anything else. 3) Does anybody have some ideas of other schools that accept students who do not have a B.S. in Engineering?

Anything you could give me would be appreciated.


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Re: Non Engineering Major Applying to Grad Program in Aerospace

Post by twistor » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:15 pm

Go to community college and take lots of math and physics. Also, reconsider what they said. I'm sure it is possible for you to get in but do you think it's likely? You need to have some background in science and engineering or else you will fail miserably if you are able to get in at all.

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