Transition from Mechanical to Astrophysics ( Observation)

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Transition from Mechanical to Astrophysics ( Observation)

Post by vickyvaikunth » Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:14 pm

I am a final year mechanical engineering student from India. I took my GRE general and got 320( Q 168, V 152), the problem is that I might not be able to take up the pGRE examination as it has high possibilities of clashing with my university exams. Will it be okay if I apply without a pGRE score?
My profile is as follows:

I am looking for Master's or a PhD course in Astrophysics ( Observational Astrophysics)

CGPA : 7.65/10 in Mechanical Engineering
GRE : 320 ( 168 Q, 152 V)

Research Experience : 1 year in Aerodynamics under a prof in my uni and published a paper in aerodynamics ( if that is of any use).
4 months of work under professor in Observational Astrophysics ( Star formation) in a top Institute in India.

Will I get an admit into programs with this profile?
Thanks in Advance

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