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Electronics and Communications to Astronomy- suggest universities to apply.

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:36 am
by bhargavbuddy
I graduated from Electronics and Communication Engineering degree under my bachelor's degree and am now aiming to apply for Master's in astronomy. My credentials are good in my bachelor's stream with 8.62/10 GPA, research work in neural networks and microwave engineering. I have also done minors in Renewable Energy Technology.

GRE general: (unofficial scores will update once AW is scored)
Q: 169
V: 158
AW: Yet to be scored
pGRE: 600 (28 %tile)
Research experience:Citizen science research in Radio Astronomy focusing on an exotic black hole systems based on GMRT, VLA et al telescope data under a professor in Astronomy with good reputation. (8 months and ongoing)
Couple of conference papers in bachelor's field,
Abstract submission in Astronomical Society of India conference.
I've shortlisted so far:
Penn State
Univ of Colorado, Boulder
Purdue Univ

Please suggest upto ten prospective universities that can be achieved with my credentials. I'll look into them further and shortlist based on the professors and their research fields.