Astronomy PhD Applicant: Can somebody comment on my profile ?

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Astronomy PhD Applicant: Can somebody comment on my profile ?

Post by abhi2017 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:04 pm

Hi all,

I am pursuing MS in Physics from top school (IISc, Bangalore) in India. I have done several projects in astronomy in top schools (in astronomy) in India. All projects are quite good, but I don't have any publication yet. But will be able to get publication in near future for my current project. My referees are very well known in US and they will write good letters. Can somebody comment on how competitive my profile looks for these universities?

My Interests - Star Formation, Observational and Computational Astronomy, Radio Astronomy, Chemical Abundances, Multi-wavelength photometry, Planetary science.

My GRE scores-

General GRE- 316 (Q-163, V-153)

PGRE - 920 (87 %ile)

TOEFL (106- (S-23,L-27, R-28, W-28))

My CGPA - (6.5/8)

I am applying in following institutes (all astronomy)-

UT Austin, Univ of Arizona, Univ of Virginia, UIUC, Ohio State, Penn State, Univ of Toronto, Univ of Maryland, ANU, NMSU, Vanderbilt Univ, MIT Planetary Science (Just for my satisfaction), Univ of Michigan.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Astronomy PhD Applicant: Can somebody comment on my profile ?

Post by physicist91 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:48 am


I think that your GRE(Both G and P) and TOEFL are ok (How about your writing score?)
And your research experiences may be enough because you had conducted research at well-known university.
I am not sure about GPA (I am from S.Korea and we do not use 8.0 system.)

In my personal opinion, if your SOP and LOR are good, you may not have to worry about your specifications.

For me... well.. my GRE is (w=4.0 v=150 q=167 p=950) TOEFL is (96 R 25 L 23 W 26 S 22) GPA is (3.94??/4.0) but I have only few research experience.

I have experience in solid state physics and in astrophysics. but my works have not been published yet..

(Actually, I want to study astrophysics but my home university does not employ the professors whose major is astrophysics so I had little chances to study astrophysics)

I got letter of recommendations from the professors both in EU(2) and in S.Korea(1)

I am not sure whether my status is enough to get admissions from good universities.

Because you have many experiences and your scores are also good, I think that you are competitive.

But if you can, I think that improve GPA may be beneficial. (Your GRE is good enough in my opinion)

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