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Estimating my chances

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:29 pm
by carokann
Hi, I'm a senior student in physics and I'm a little concerned about my chances for top 100 ranked universities.
1-I have a poor performance in the first two years with a low GPA about 2.7 and the next two years my GPA is around 3.7.
2-I'm going to apply for the complex systems and statistical physics groups and I have passed strongly the courses which are related to these topics.
3- I have a strong research background in my interests and I guess good LORs. Also, I would have a paper.(I think that I'm the first author 8)
4-I haven't any score of the required exams yet. My Physics GRE is the next week.suppose that I would have a good performance on the GREp ,TOEFL and GRE general.
Do you think that I still have any chance to get into the universities like Michigan, Boston and ...? :?
Based on the statistics and I found on this site I don't suppose that there are any chances. :(