Incomplete M.Sc. program

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Incomplete M.Sc. program

Post by postmodern physicist » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:27 pm

Dear group members,

I have an urgent concern needs to be clarified, so that I sincerely hope you can provide me with your feedback on the issue. Initially, I was registered for PhD program at university outside the US since there is no funding for M.Sc. After I got an external funding (initial source was from my supervisor's project) I 've decided to complete my education here as M.Sc. either with thesis or without, and attend to PhD program in US. Currently, I have completed 39 credits (13 courses) here, which is above the minimum requirements for M.Sc. without thesis (30 credits), and I have been accepted to the PhD in US.

When I was applying for the PhD in US, both in the application form and SOP I have stated that I will complete my grad studies here as M.Sc. at the end of spring semester this year. However, I am not sure if I can complete it even without thesis since my current supervisor is trying to keep me here to continue my PhD til the end.

Before writing the Graduate School of University "X" (PhD) to ask whether it would cause a problem or not if I could not provide the M.Sc. diploma during the registration for PhD, I would like to know if somebody of you faced the similar problem in the past or have any idea about that. What options do I have?

I would be extremely pleased and truly grateful if you could share your thoughts here.

Many thanks in advance.


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