acceptance for international applicants?

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acceptance for international applicants?

Post by siroy.sam » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:54 am

All these days, I have been getting very tensed seeing this hugh posts for acceptance for domestic applicants. Its looks like time stands still. When will international acceptances start pouring out? I am even more worried as I don't have stellar profile like other applicants have. Here is my brief profile:
Type of applicant: international(Indian)
Qualification: MSc in physics, 2008( 4 years gap is worry for me)
Specialization: particle physics
Length of degree: 3+2=5 years
Experience: attended two schools on Cosmology and Theoretical HEP, six months MSc dissertation work on Solar Neutrino Problem. Worked as physics teacher in a senior secondary school for 6 months, worked as an officer in charge of statistical data analysis for a federal education problem in India and presently working as physics tutor in a private educational institute.
GRE : V-143, Q-150
PGRE: 650
Applying to: Florida State University
Oklahoma university
Alabama university, Tuscalloosa
University of Mississippi
University of South Carolina
Northern Illinois University

Is my prospect of getting into this universities very grim? Do I stand any chance here? I am very nervous as my profile is very mediocre when compared to other candidates. It will be nice if all international applicants too share their views and profiles while waiting for our acceptance and application outcome. Otherwise this long waiting may fry our brains.

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Re: acceptance for international applicants?

Post by sarthorks » Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:12 am

It is very likely that these places haven't started making offers yet. Search on with keywords such as

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phy* flor*

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phy* okla*
to see if there are entries for Fall 2012.

I am not very sure if international acceptances come out much later than domestic ones. As you will see on gradcafe, there are domestic as well as international entries for schools which have started making offers.

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Re: acceptance for international applicants?

Post by TakeruK » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:28 am

I'm an international student too. You can see my profile in the 2012 profile thread if you'd like. I think I received my acceptances at the same time as the domestic students -- at least within one day (based on when results were updated on gradcafe and this forum). For all the schools where I didn't hear at the same time as other domestic students, I ended up with a rejection 1-2 weeks later. But maybe it's just my program(s) (I'm applying to astro) and/or school(s) that admit domestic and international students all at once.

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