4th Recommendation?

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4th Recommendation?

Post by drken » Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:15 am

does anyone know how most schools feel about adding an extra letter of rec? (some places allow you to submit more than the required 3.) at one school, i'm applying to do more theoretical work, so i was thinking of getting an extra rec from a string theorist at my university (he knows me well, although not from research or anything, but i did get an A+ in advanced quantum with him). would this be useful? how much would it affect my overall chances?

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Post by grae313 » Sun Dec 16, 2007 2:23 am

I called a couple schools about this and I'll tell you how I interpreted the responses. If you have three strong letters that cover all the bases, then you shouldn't submit a fourth. If there is another aspect to your education or experience that is not covered, a fourth strong letter can help.

Personally, I was trying to decide who to ask for my third letter--someone who knew my classwork or someone I had never had a class with but who knew my research (not my boss at my research internship, that was a definite). They told me that after the first two years, students just do research so they would be more interested in reading a letter from someone who could talk about my research potential.

Of course, being a theorist, that sounds like a strong letter. Really, I'd call up a couple departments and guage their response.

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