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3rd Rec letter, when I have done all research under one prof

Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 3:37 pm
by madeamistake
I'm in a bit of a problem here trying to find out who will write my third letter. I've worked under the same prof since my second semester, and I've got three co-authored papers, a presentation at a confernce, and I should have one more publication and my senior undergrad thesis before my time is done here. My problem is that most of my peers and most people applying have all either worked for multiple professors or did different projects over summer, where I chose to stay in the same place. I figure I can get a good letter from a professor I took a graduate course with, but that still leaves me needing one.
Normally I think people go for who taught the core undergrad classes, but the profs who taught e/m and mechanics are notorious for writing poor rec letters, and I got a B in methods II, so I'd rather avoid that if possible. My modern physics prof will also be my stat mech, but I am still worried about having two profs bascially just saying I did good in their class. Most of my other profs were never really interacted with because it was COVID and all online.
Any ideas on what I should do?