Need urgent help with LOR I am applying on 18/11/2018

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Need urgent help with LOR I am applying on 18/11/2018

Post by Seerat » Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:49 pm

I did M.SC in 2014. and one research project in M.Sc. after 1 year gap and teaching experience in 2015 I joined research project. I worked in this project for 3 years. now I am applying for PhD in USA. I have good GRE and TOEFL score. My B.SC is from college and M. SC. from university in India. I have publications and proceedings. My problem is I cannot take LOR from my latest 3 year project supervisor. I do not want to disclose to him that I am applying abroad for PhD. Because, Initially I was agree to do PhD under his supervision but now I decided to do from USA in different field my current field is kind of extinct. i will give 3 LOR from M.Sc professors. Will it effect my application negatively? I have experience certificate of 3 year project and I will upload it in application. will university admission committee ask me why I have not given latest project supervisor's LOR? I cannot give his LOR and nor he will Give? kindly suggest what should I do in this situation? what should be my answer to admission committee in this situation?

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Re: Need urgent help with LOR I am applying on 18/11/2018

Post by Nishikata » Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:46 pm

I think the admission committee won’t care.
They will use the LOR from your three professors to make a decision.
The LOR from your current supervisor might slightly be better, but it won’t change much if it is not there.

They won’t ask you about it, they will either accept you or decline you based on their own judgment from whatever’s available on their review day.

If you have publications from this project, that should tell enough about what you have done in these 3 years, i have never seen any research certificate whatsoever. I do not think the committee does either.

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